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Our services

Cosmic are experts in all things Digital. For 25 years, Cosmic have been ethically providing IT solutions to individuals, businesses, non-profits, schools and public sector organisations alike. We assist these organisations with digital skills training, website development and technical support. Beyond these core services, our team also provide executive level leadership development, mentoring, and consultancy into digital transformation projects. 

Cosmic is an agile company. As a social enterprise, it is our vision and values which defines the services we deliver and the products we produce.

Our focus is on the issue of Digital Inclusion. How we tackle and deal with that issue will alter and evolve with the changing developments of technology and society. Regardless, we are here to inspire you to achieve success in the digital world. 

Person looking at Google Image search results of trees on a tablet stood up on a table with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard

We support people, businesses and communities to grow their confidence and trust in technology, giving them the skills to succeed.

SJM Training website displayed on a macbook

We design and develop high-quality, stylish websites for businesses, non-profits, individuals and schools.

Managed cables around a server

Our engineers provide much needed IT support to schools, care homes, community centres, charities and small businesses.