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Social Enterprise

Cosmic is a social enterprise, and this means that as well as being a top quality and professional business, we work to achieve social impact and improve people's lives. 

We are proud holders of the Social Enterprise Mark which provides an externally verified and credible way for us to prove how we work as a social enterprise including evidence of our social impact.

As a social enterprise we also embrace the business model which does not involve shareholders or pay dividends from our profits. Instead, we have a wide stakeholder focus, a company membership and strong strategic partners helping us to deliver social impact and reinvest our profits and resources where they will make the most difference. 

Our Joint Chief Executive, Julie Hawker, is a regular contributor to debates and policy developments on a national and regional basis, and also is a lecturer at Plymouth University's Business School where she's able to bring fresh and practioner based learning in social enterprise and social business to undergraduates and graduates at the school.