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06/02/23 - 30/03/24

Head On - tackling the cost of living crisis.

The Multiply project is aimed to empower adults and confront the challenges posed by the high cost of living and giving the confidence to face the cost-of-living crisis head-on by improving their financial and digital inclusion. We strive to engage individuals who have previously been disconnected from mathematics, hindered in their professional growth, or lacking essential everyday skills to effectively plan and manage personal finances.

In each course we include three key themes:

Maths / Numeracy Skills: Strengthen your ability to work with numbers and understand mathematical equations.

Digital Skills: Gain the necessary skills to navigate the digital world, from basic computer literacy to online communication and research, helping you to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Websites, Apps, Financial Technology (Fintech): How to manage your finances, providing convenient tools and resources to budget, track expenses, and stay on top of your financial goals.

Our range of courses covers essential topics to help you gain control over your finances. From money management, budgeting and debt management to self-employment and cost of living hacks. Whether you want to improve your financial literacy, achieve financial stability, or optimize your financial decisions, our courses offer valuable insights and tools to support you.


Money Matters

Learn how to save, plan, and manage your money. Discover popular apps that can assist you in staying on track financially. Understand the basics of interest rates and how they may affect your financial decisions.

Budgeting Basics

Find the perfect tools and apps to help you plan and budget with ease. Discover thrifty tips and clever tricks to save money in everyday life, including simple strategies for managing your expenses and to maximise your savings.

Cost of Living Hacks

Learn practical strategies to make your money go further. We will look at the secrets of bill busting, finding out when and how to switch your energy, broadband, phone contracts, insurances, and more. navigate comparison sites with us to help you find the best deals and make informed choices.


Tackling Debt Head-On

Take the first step towards a debt-free future and reclaim control over your finances. We will guide you in ways to access support and guidance to assist you on becoming debt free, looking at debt repayment plans that will work for your own situation and how to use online calculators that can assist you with repayments.


Savvy for Self-Employment

If you are self-employed, or looking to go in to self-employed, we will equip you with the necessary skills to thrive in your ventures. Learn the uses of online banking to efficiently manage your finances. Work with spreadsheets and basic formulas, enabling you to track income and expenses effectively. Explore the functionalities of Xero and other popular accounting software apps to see what works best for your business. Gain a clear understanding of VAT, its implications for your business and when you should become VAT registered. Navigate through the HMRC regulations and taxation requirements for self-employment and acquire the financial know-how to keep your business on track.


Our free courses are open to anyone over the age of 19 who doesn't have a grade C or above in Maths. With our help we will boost your math knowledge and confidence. Use the quick and simple form to sign up an take the first step towards taking control of your financial future.

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The courses are all free and non-accredited. Delivery of the project is from February 2023