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Our Team

Susanna Robson

Senior Digital Skills Advisor

Susanna is one of our Digital Change coach covering the South Devon area, she helps to support participants by producing focused action plans to move them forward with their life goals and hoping to generally improve their quality of life.

Cosmic's mission is 'Inspiring you to achieve success in the digital world', and through Susanna’s role she supports and help people become more digitally included - and it's nice to see the improvements and outcomes from the help you've provided. She is excited to see the overall difference that the project is providing to so many people. Finding out more about Cosmic as a whole has made Susanna appreciate that the business has a good ethos, you can really tell that Cosmic is not just about profits - everyone has the same goal of giving back and supporting those in need.

Susanna has an extensive background in teaching, she taught children between the age range of 4 to 11 . Her teaching skills have really come in handy for this role, having attained the ability to teach, support and nurture 30 students at once - it's still teaching in this role but just with a different age range of the community.

Within Susanna’s role she meets a variety of people with different stories and backgrounds, and it's really interesting finding out about them. Every day is different, no same challenge to overcome. This job suits Susanna well as she has always had a desire to make a difference and help people in need in our communities. Susanna isalways up for a new challenge; the possibilities are endless when it comes to possible achievements for our participants.

Susanna loves walking her dogs on the beach and running with her dog Holly. She has two lab/collie crosses and loves them to pieces.Susanna really enjoys baking - especially cake making for friends and families birthdays and celebrations. She has created a number of cakes including; a Pokémon cake, iPhone cake, TMNT (turtle cake), rainbow cake and many more! She recently participated in a Macmillan Coffee and Cake morning, that was really enjoyable and rewarding!