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Head of Finance

I’m responsible for all things financial at Cosmic, but particularly the strategic business planning that will enable Cosmic to realise its long-term ambitions.

I love Cosmic’s vision - to bring tangible change to individuals, organisations and communities by providing the digital training and support that is palpably needed in the 21st century. It’s a real privilege to work alongside a team that is really dedicated to seeing improvements in the lives and projects of others.

As an ACA chartered accountant, I’ve spent the majority of my career in accounting practice, having worked alongside businesses and charities from across the spectrum of industry. I also offer help and expertise to small local charities, and I am the treasurer for BeSpace, a small charity in Oxfordshire.

My interests are quite diverse. I’m a bit of a tech enthusiast, and I constantly have two or three software projects or web apps on the go. I also love to be outdoors – I cycle as often as I can manage, play a little football, and enjoy a long walk through the country.