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Marketing Assistant

Ever tried to tell a story without the right words? That's where I step in at Cosmic, donning the hat of a Marketing Assistant, weaving narratives that transform our brand tale into an unforgettable journey.

Before landing my role at Cosmic, I honed my skills over three enriching years in digital marketing, specialising in social media management and the art of storytelling. Passionate and enthusiastic, I find joy in connecting with people from all walks of life. My genuine, jovial nature extends not only to my work but also into my personal life, where I thrive on giving people the attention they deserve.

In addition to my responsibilities at Cosmic, I wear another hat as the curator of a thriving Instagram brand with over 4000 followers, @_bukkenzo. Here, I inspire and connect with young minds, especially undergraduates and graduates, sharing insights about life after school. This online community serves as a platform for motivation and encouragement.

Beyond the pixels, I am also an avid writer currently penning my autobiography titled 'Behind Her Smile.' This project reflects my passion for storytelling, delving into the layers behind the smiles we wear every day.