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Taurus Yachts

Taurus Yachts came to Cosmic in May 2022 in need of an updated website for their company.

Following our usual design process, Cosmic produced two initial home page designs, one closely based on the client's wishes and a second design that offers an alternative spin. Going down a process of revisions and back-and-forth with the client, we arrived at a final signed off home page design. Using this design, Cosmic then produced what we label as "internal designs". These are the designs for everything that is not the home page - basic pages, the team page, contact page, services pages and so on. These are all heavily influenced by the home page design to maintain a consistent look across the entire website for a seamless browsing experience.

Once the design phase was complete, Taurus Yachts began to produce their new content whilst the developer built the website. The website was developed using WordPress, the current most popular content management system. The CMS allows the client to have full control over the content that appears on their website, giving them the flexibility to add an unlimited number of new pages as well as quickly and easily make adjustments to content.

Taurus Yachts' website is fully responsive - this means that users will receive a seamless browsing experience whatever device or screen size that are using.

You can view the brand new Taurus Yachts website by going to https://www.taurusyachts.com.