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Jigsaw PSHE

Cosmic helped Jigsaw PSHE to identify and plan through their existing websites that were created by another supplier. We helped the client to understand, from a user perspective and Search Engine perspective, why the site was not performing to potential. We did this by researching the way they were using the website and the way it was structurally and graphically setup.

With our team of experts, we provided a detailed audit with a wide range of information that was then used to improve the web presence in-line with modern web standards and technologies. In order to undertake a full audit we required access to a current actively tracking Google Analytics account so we could fully understand user journeys through the website and how best to improve them.

We went on to implement the recommendations from our audit on both websites for the clients. The sites are now much shorter and to the point, cutting down on the amount of reading and text that a user had to interpret. We also removed many of the large panel areas that got in the way of the main messages of the websites. To enhance SEO performance, we made recommendations for key word use (based on Moz and Google analytics), meta tags and the frequency of relevant news articles.