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Headon Farm

Headon Farm have been a client of Cosmic's since 2017.

The original site was built using a premade template. Whilst this served as a solid foot in the door for a first website, the rigid nature of a templated website meant that options for further customisation and feature development were limited.

Cosmic replaced the templated website with a full rebuild inspired by the original design but updated to present-day standards. This included design tweaks for modernisation as well as general improvements for user experience (UX) and accessibility. In addition to this, the new WordPress framework allows for easy customisation to the website's layout and functionality so the option for future upgrades is very much possible.

The new website is hosted by Cosmic and we also manage their domain names and DNS on their behalf. An SSL certificate offers an additional layer of website security, and Headon Farm also make use of our web team's expertise with an ongoing support contract for regular updates to their website.

You can view the website here: https://www.headonfarm.co.uk.