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Digital Skills Trainer

I am a dynamic Digital Skills Trainer with over 5 years of service at Cosmic. As part of the Training and Consultancy team, I have contributed to a wide array of projects, providing training in Microsoft 365, Digital Marketing, and even the art of creating internet memes! I thrive on helping individuals and businesses discover and utilise digital tools to enhance their lives and operations.

In the last two years, I have taken on a pivotal role as the lead deliverer of environmental and sustainability training at Cosmic. This role underscores my commitment to integrating sustainable practices into digital skills education. I hold a Level 2 award in Managing Business Responses to Environmental Challenges and have completed additional CPD training in Net-Zero Emissions, The Circular Economy, and Sustainable Business Practices. My unique approach combines technical expertise with a strong focus on sustainability, making me a key contributor to programmes aimed at fostering environmentally conscious leadership.

With a background in the arts and two decades of experience in retail, I leverage my diverse skill set to help others navigate the digital world. Outside of work, I am an avid movie buff, particularly passionate about science fiction, and I enjoy discussing various theories.