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Digital Skills Trainer (Restart Scheme)

My name is Dan.

I work on the RESTART project as a trainer providing support and guidance with digital devices, software, administration skills and communication. The focus of the RESTART project overall is to facilitate opportunities for participants to secure employment and the digital skills training that I provide targets potential skills gaps and develop a personalised learning plan designed to close those gaps.

The participants and I work towards updating their skills by identifying the most relevant and desired aspects of digital knowledge , the goal being , that the participants feel that they have a streamlined, target driven learning plan that should provide them with a sense of motivation and agency of purpose.

These participants, invariably, feel lost and left behind by a working world that is increasingly focussed on the utilisation of digital skills and every participant has their own storied journey that they have undertaken up to this point. There is work to be done in terms of inspiring them to feel confident in their abilities, to challenge negative preconceptions, to manage expectations and to provide experienced participants with a sense of affirmation.