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Quality & Impact Administrator

I’m the Quality and Impact Administrator for Positive People Devon & Somerset. My job is to collect data on how we’re doing against our project themes and report back on where we are and what we might be able to do better. 

I’m excited to be working for a social enterprise for the first time and to be able to contribute to our local community. It’s a genuine privilege to be working with so many skilled and passionate people, there’s a real family atmosphere and everyone has been so welcoming. Best of all though, we get to help and support people who are finding digital technologies a challenge, with the goal to improve their confidence and wellbeing.

I have quite a varied background and have worked in all sorts of places from animal rescue centres, to a private investigation company, to a sign maker! My most recent position before Cosmic was Quality Assurance Manager for a local food company.

I’m an avid geocacher, board game fan and plant lover. I also have a keen interest in animal cognition and try to keep my toe in animal behaviour and training - my proudest training moment was teaching our dog to take his inhaler with a happy, wagging tail!