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Email marketing

E-newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your customers even when they aren’t in your store or online.

You can send your audience special offers and useful information to encourage them to continue buying from you and using your services. It also allows you to build up an effective, trusting relationship with your clients and investors and partners in your business. You can let your customers know about all of your good news stories and share a client’s good news as well.

Cosmic's email marketing service will give you access to your own user account on our eSender e-newsletter system and create a template themed to match your website and branding. The system enables you to create as many mailing lists as you want, and it automatically cleanses your list when someone unsubscribes or a contact cannot be delivered to. It is also recognised as a reliable sender, and therefore is not blocked by internet service providers as spam which means your newsletters will be reaching their full potential reach.

As well as benefitting from a very in-depth reporting system which shows you who has opened and clicked (in real time on world maps), you also have access to a flexible template where you can create as much or as little news as you would like.

You can also have an embedded sign up form on your website which allows visitors to sign up to your list and begin receiving updates from you with you having to do a thing.