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South West Business Council

A long-standing client of Cosmic's, Devon and Cornwall Business Council approached Cosmic with a plan to rebrand their organisation and develop a new website for them.

Cosmic worked with SWBC to form a plan and sitemap for their new website, and SWBC then commissioned Plymouth-based design company Made With Maturity to create the initial designs for the new website. Using these designs and the assets provided by MWM, Cosmic turned them into a working website with a host of features.

One of the main objectives with the new website was to make it much easier to read and navigate, primarily by using a more intuitive navigation and less excess content.

As well as basic pages, the website features a news section, upcoming events, staff pages and much more. The site is responsive, meaning the transition from desktop to tablet to mobile is flawless, therefore giving the user a seamless experience no matter what device they are using.