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Force K6

Force K6 was a devlopment online based on a book written by Ghee Bowman.

Ghee has worked with Comsic many times over the years for various Exeter based community projects involving telling BAME stories throughout history in the region.

The book follows years of research and is based around the role of colonial soldiers and there untold story around Dunkirk. The website was created to mirror the style of the subject matter and to convey the data so far found about the soldiers.

It is built using a CMS that will enable Ghee to manage the content and develop the pages and directory of soldiers over time.

The aim of the site is to build up the data over time and crowd source any missing data by allowing the pbulic to get in touch to add to the research.

Cosmic is proud to present this amazing story online and we encourage you to support Ghee and his research.

You can visit the website by going to