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Elliott-Smith Estates & Relocation

Sam Elliott-Smith approached the Cosmic team requiring a website for her new business, Elliott-Smith Estates & Relocation.

What is Elliott-Smith Estates & Relocation?

"Sam Elliott-Smith has an enviable professional background in refurbishment project management and interior design. She provides guaranteed rent & property management solutions for landlords and purchasing difficult-to-sell properties. Our mission is to offer the best service to landlords so that they can get on with the things they enjoy, and to provide the best accommodation for young working professionals in Exeter so that they can focus on their work and leisure time."

What did Cosmic provide?

Cosmic developed a responsive, modern website built on the content management system WordPress. The website's home page is very image-led, showing the different kinds of property available and the area in which they are based. The website also incorporates a number of integrated Google Forms, as well as contact forms of its own and pages for frequently asked questions. The home page also included an embedded video from YouTube, as well as a metro-style layout.

Cosmic is also providing Elliott-Smith Estates & Relocation with domain name renewals and website hosting.

Sam had the following to say about Cosmic' efforts:

"I chose Cosmic to design and build my new website because they understand the fast-moving digital context within which a business' website lies. They appreciate the customer's website journey, their choice of device and their need for speed of service - which is as equally important as visual impact. I know I can develop my sales and marketing more effectively by working with Cosmic who provide the 'digital arm' of my business."