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Devon Community Foundation

Established in 1996, Devon Community Foundation (DCF) is a unique organisation, privileged to be working alongside people who are motivated by wanting to make a difference across Devon. They use their knowledge of local needs and the voluntary sector to manage high impact distribution of funds designed to achieve sustainable outcomes. Awarding financial support on behalf of our fund holders and donors, DCF enable local people to achieve inspiring change in their communities. 

Devon Community Foundation are recognised across the South West as a leading local charity, with growth and extension of services in recent years, which in turn has resulted in bringing increasing finance to local organisations in the form of philanthropic funding and social investments.

Scott Walker, Development Director and Laura Hewitt, Marketing Manager, both joined the Digital Leadership programme at Cosmic with a good level of existing digital skill and experience. Scott was previously senior manager in digital agency, with a strong understanding of digital marketing, advertising and business planning. Laura is an experienced marketing manager with a strong understanding of the marketing function at DCF. She is a real ‘girl geek’ with a passion for digital tech.

Being in the Digital Leadership programme resulted in learning new perspectives and drivers for the changes needed at DCF. Both Scott and Laura embraced the opportunities to revisit their existing understanding of digital as well as build on their previous experiences to learn new trends, innovative approaches, and best practice. Their joint approach to the project work meant that DCF was able to benefit from a full strategic review of the use of digital across the organisation and colleagues were consulted in the process of developing a year-long roadmap for digital transformation. Specific digital touchpoints, for example (and very importantly) gaining top quality donor engagement and experiences, soon became a key feature of the plans for improvements. But equally the charity was able to embrace a fully scoped review of its operations, marketing plans and projects in order to align a range of digital technologies in the roadmap approach. Cosmic was also able to offer mentoring support to this process in order to keep the challenges and assumptions under regular review.

Impact: having produced and agreed an action plan and roadmap for digital transformation the estimates for savings/increased income are, according to Scott Walker, “too many to calculate”. “This is more than just a bottom line exercise. It’s about adopting a Digital First strategy & culture into your business. The risk of not doing this far outweighs the savings that we are making already”.

Thank you for such a great programme of learning. It has opened our minds to future possibilities and also potential challenges. We have so many ideas we want to implement that we know will make us as leaders, and DCF, even stronger.

Laura Hewitt, Marketing Manager

A great course, delivered by very knowledgeable and engaging presenters in Kate & Julie with some excellent guest presenters giving a real-life view of how to embrace, adopt and improve your organisations digital strategy. A great way to carve out time to tackle this important topic.

Scott Walker, Development Director