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Case study – The Living Room Torquay

Starting from November 2017, Positive People provided drop in sessions for the Living Room at St Mags Church Hall. This is a community session where people who may be on hard times, including having no permanent residence, can come and have some food and conversation. As well as being a tested and proven drop in for the general public these sessions were also paramount in branching out to the hardest to reach people in society.

Over 3 sessions Positive people helped 19 People gain confidence in navigating the internet, using mobile phones effectively, attaching documents and sending emails, basic computer maintenance, social media and much more. Ensuring people have the best possible start in digital to progress in life, whether that be into work, training or becoming more socially active. We also offered a charging/docking station for people to charge their phones as this isn’t always easy if you have no residence.

During these sessions, 4 people were referred onto the project for further support. This equates to a 21% uptake.

Philip came to one of these sessions with a tablet that he couldn't get to work. Once we went through the process of setting up and navigating some of the apps, Philip was keen to use facebook to send some messages. Unfortunately someone had hacked his profile and changed the password. We spent the remainder of the session setting him up a new facebook account. This was a very good exercise as it taught typing skills, account security, how to take photos (We set up a profile picture using the camera), navigating facebook on a tablet and composing messages.

Living Options

“What an amazing service with a relaxed feel, I will now use my tablet more to socialise and be more savvy with my security” Philip (left) Ben (right) Drop in session, Living room 1/12/17

Working with the living room is a pleasure, Trina (Living room manager)  is incredibly welcoming and could see the value of having a digital drop in within her sessions. Staff, volunteers and clients were warm and thankful for the support. This drop in has no signs of numbers dropping, with continued promotion and relationship building I can see this running throughout  2018 and help many more people.

Positive people offers a life-line to build hope, confidence and skills for people who are not in work. it is jointly funded by the Big Lottery Fund and the European Social Fund.

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