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AutoNaut USV

Cosmic designed and developed a brand new website for AutoNaut. The AutoNaut is an Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) propelled forward by only the motion of the waves.

Powered entirely by renewable energy, the AutoNaut is capable of long-duration at-sea missions. Patented Wave Foil Technology draws energy from the pitch and roll of the waves and an extensive range of sensors can be powered by solar energy. Autonomy means the USV can be deployed anywhere in the world, including hazardous marine enviroments. A satellite link enables the transfer of data and remote operations from the safety of a shore base.

AutoNaut USV offers a unique set of capabilites for versatile data collection for long-duration offshore missions.

Through all wave directions the vessel is propelled forward by four keel-mounted foils positioned fore and aft. In flat calm, the system can be assisted by an auxiliary propeller. Extensive hydrodynamic testing has refined the technology and field-trials and missions have proven its robustness in stormy seas.

The website Cosmic designed had a lot of influence from nautical themes in order to correctly portray what AutoNaut USV offers, as well as hosting the capability for multiple different types of content.

The website is responsive - this means that it adjusts its layout seamlessly depending on what device the user is browsing on.

AutoNaut USV