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Using AI to find a rewarding career

As the world moves towards a future where AI (artificial intelligence) seems to be gaining ground in everyday technology, I decided to see how much easier AI could make my job search, and my ability to find and secure a new position.

AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. AI involves using computers to do tasks that traditionally require human intelligence such as reasoning, learning, and problem-solving. AI enables machines to think and act like humans, allowing them to make decisions, complete complex tasks, and respond to various inputs. AI can also be used to create and analyse data, understand natural language and create intelligent applications, such as virtual assistants. AI can be used in many different areas, from healthcare to finance, teaching and beyond.

I am a Digital Skills Trainer for Cosmic, based in glorious Torquay, helping, teaching, showing and nurturing people looking to enhance their ability to work, or find work, through using technology. As such, I thought there would be no better market to test AI, than to become one of my own students for a while, as it were, to see if it helped.

I was eager to start my career and began searching for job opportunities. I quickly realized that the job market was competitive and that I needed to stand out in order to land a job. I decided to use chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) to help me in my job search. I started by using chat GPT to help me craft a personalized and compelling cover letter. I provided the AI with information about my skills, experience, and career goals, and asked it to generate a cover letter for me. The AI was able to generate a high-quality draft in just a few minutes, which I was then able to edit and fine-tune to make it my own.

Next, I used the same AI – chat GPT – to help me prepare for job interviews. I provided it with information about the company and the role that I was applying for and asked it to generate sample interview questions and responses. This helped me to think more critically about my qualifications and how I could articulate them effectively during the interview.

Finally, I used chat GPT to help me network and make connections in my industry. I provided the model with information about my career goals and asked it to generate ideas for networking events and professional organizations that I could join. This helped me to expand my network and increase my chances of finding a job.

Overall, I found chat GPT to be an invaluable tool in my job search. It helped me to craft a compelling cover letter, prepare for job interviews, and network effectively. With its assistance, I am certain I would have been able to land a great job a lot easier than trying to do everything on my own without any AI assistance. A final thought. Did I write this case study, or did the AI?