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Splash Projects is an award-winning company that delivers innovative experiential learning programmes through real-life community projects.

With a head office in Exmouth, they help clients achieve their business objectives while also delivering life-changing building projects to charities and community organisations. It’s a great way for a company to achieve team and leadership development, whilst creating and developing new physical assets for communities and charitable groups. 

Over the duration of their projects, participants are invited to design, plan and execute in an unfamiliar environment - offering a spectrum of challenges and development opportunities for employees and senior managers alike.

As a small team, Splash understood the importance and potential value of developing a digital marketing strategy and overall social media presence. However, they had found it somewhat challenging to focus and action certain parts of their marketing plan, making progress slow and difficult. Furthermore, Covid-19 resulted in some potential clients delaying their planned Splash projects, resulting in a slightly quieter calendar during 2020, compared to previous years. 

As an East Devon based business, Splash were eligible to receive business support from Cosmic, via the Adapt & Thrive programme – funded by East Devon District Council. The team were able to benefit from direct and bespoke consultancy over five sessions.

Our consultant-trainer, Kate Doodson, provided useful lessons and ideas in:
• Using SEO tools and trends to help identify     avenues for communications, gaps in targeted marketing and improving website performance. 

•Maximising social media presence, especially LinkedIn (their most valuable platform to reach the target audience).

•Developing original content for the website and articles to help work towards their goal of becoming a more influential provider in experiential learning & team/leadership development.

Toby Rix, Head of Marketing & Communication at Splash, said, “Kate has provided us with some invaluable insights into the digital marketing world and has helped guide the foundation of our digital marketing and communications strategy going forward. Kate has also worked with us to breakdown our goals into actionable tasks. We wanted to say a massive thank you for these Cosmic sessions. Anna and I have found these meetings incredibly insightful and have truly facilitated thought and ideas that we might not have had without your expertise and knowledge of the digital market.”

Looking to the future, Toby informs us that “With countries opening up again, we want to provide business schools and companies with impactful ways to reconnect their teams after a difficult 2020 and we will aim to help many communities back on their feet through the coming months. The plans and actions you’ve helped form will be the foundation of our digital marketing and communications strategy going forward and will definitely keep us busy well into 2022 and further”. 

The vision and ethos of Splash Projects is fantastic. Cosmic takes pride in helping organisations like Splash to further their own social impact through the effective work that they deliver.