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Our Social Impact: Restart Supports Danni

The Restart Scheme helps people build confidence, skills, and the ability to move back into work.

Danni began her training back in March and she was eager to bring her digital knowledge up to a contemporary level. Danni’s mission was not only to upskill but also to be able to pass on what she learned to her young child.

This demonstrated to us how devoted and dedicated a parent she is. Danni has overcome many personal obstacles as a single parent but, in the midst of a pandemic and the social and economic challenges that followed, she lost sight of her own self-worth and the ability to reflect on her strengths.

Since beginning her training with Cosmic, she has worked hard and dedicated her time to picking up new skills and developing her knowledge of administrative practices. She has applied herself to her training with the same conviction and attention she applies to her home life. Most importantly, she has regained some confidence in her abilities and seems to demonstrate more self-worth as a parent and an individual.

The training that we provide is offered in the context of progression into employment, or opportunities relevant to employability, but the opportunity to also promote positive mental health and support has been a profound experience for us and we are very proud to be part of an organisation that values this so highly.

On behalf of the Restart team, we wish Danni every bit of success in the future.

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