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The Lloyds Bank Business and Charity Digital Index reports are the largest measure of digital capability and skills for UK small businesses and charities.

Starting in 2014, Lloyds have been continually producing these analyses for the last six years. For Cosmic, these provide a useful insight into how Digital is being used, and where its use needs to improve. These insights are used to guide our thoughts on how we can better help people. 

Some of the most notable aspects of this year’s recent reports include: 

Digital Businesses 

  • 2% of businesses are still offline and of those that are online, 28% are just not interested in doing more online.

  • The proportion of small businesses with low levels of digital capability has plateaued at 16% since 2018.

  • These businesses have been left behind in a competitive marketplace and, in fact, businesses lacking full Essential Digital Skills are almost two and a half times more likely to believe they will close within the next two years.


Digital Charities

  • Charities with full Essential Digital Skills are 11% more likely to have increasing revenues, compared to those without.

  • 40% of charities identify their own organisation’s digital skills as a barrier. This has grown from 10% in 2014.

  • Only 2% of charities are making use of free training courses.

Julie Hawker Joint CEO at Cosmic:

We always appreciate the updates and insights which the Lloyds reports provide. As a leading provider of digital skills in the South West, Cosmic is keen to ensure we understand the challenges which businesses and charities face and how we can evolve and improve our services and programmes to better suit their needs and opportunities for the years ahead.

For the first time in 2019 Lloyds have published separate reports for business and charity index, but with the backdrop of six years’ worth of research and benchmarking these reports have become the most valuable indicators of digital progress in organisations in the UK. Cosmic has contributed to the work involved in pulling together these reports and has promoted case studies in recent years. Another change to this year’s reports is the addition of Cybersecurity as one of the Essential Digital Skills – now as follows:

To view both reports click here