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Cosmic and Inspire Vitality – An extremely valuable resource, enabling Cosmic Clients to access fully funded, expert advice in planning and executing a winning business strategy

As part of Cosmic’s partnership with Inspire, we are delighted to be able to offer this service, including access to 100 hours of support from Goldman Sachs, free of charge for the first 12 months

Watch the launch video here to see how it works (recorded pre Covid restrictions)

Is a lack of planning limiting your growth potential?

Often the day to day running of the business will leave little time for strategic thinking, forward planning, growth forecasts and investigating future development opportunities. Unfortunately, if you are unable to make time to consider these areas you may find that in time your business growth slows, profit levels may fall back and other companies may begin to move past you with new ideas and growth strategies.

Who are Inspire Vitality?

Over the last few months, Cosmic have been working with Inspire to provide funded, digital training to their Clients. The Inspire team are experts in strategic business planning and thanks to funding from the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership, they are now able to offer funded support to help businesses plan their growth strategy. They are not only interested in your business as it stands today but are always looking to work with you to ensure that you capitalise on new business opportunities as they arise in the future. They pay particular attention to your specific growth and development plans, making sure that they advise and assist you in achieving your goals in every way possible.

Having agreed a strategy with you, they will meet with you every quarter to monitor progress and to ensure the achievement of the objectives agreed. They act as a virtual part of your planning team, providing you with a rich resource of people full of enthusiasm and positive suggestions for your business. Find out more about the Inspire team at

Their team are hardworking, ambitious, proactive, forward thinking, straight talking as well as being excellent networkers and relationship builders.

They have access through their partner network, to every resource you may need to ensure your business success. If they don’t know the answer to a problem, they will know an expert who does.


Offering advice about how to deal with a business or personal finance problem is useful. Taking a forward-thinking stance and coming up with an idea that stops the problem arising in the first place is even better. By maintaining close contact with their clients, Inspire are able to take this positive approach, and because they know all their clients well, they can make suggestions which are relevant to your circumstances and aspirations. Furthermore, they don’t simply regard clients as businesses; they believe that your personal and business plans need to be examined hand in hand, as one cannot be achieved effectively without attention to the other.


How does it work?

You will be allocated a business expert who will work with you to provide the following

  • A Strategic Business Review – looking at every part of your business to understand where you are now and where you want to get to.
  • Market and Competition Analysis – a workshop to take you through a structured, easy to implement approach to appraising and understanding your market
  • Critical Customer Value Analysis – a workshop to understand what your customers value and introducing innovative ways to create winning products and services
  • Business Strategy completion – a one to one meeting to bring it all together and to create an implementation plan
  • Resource Gap Analysis – a meeting with your business expert to understand what external resources you need to make your plan a success covering everything from raising finance or gaining investment into your business to making your sales and marketing more successful
  • Strategy Implementation Support – a quarterly meeting with your business expert to review and discuss your plan and give you access to expert resources as needed