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Cosmic Supports MizzArtz - Miriam Turner

We work with a wide array of organisations and businesses, empowering people to feel confident in learning new digital skills and grow their business.

Miriam runs MizzArtz - a business in North Devon creating glass paintings and digitalising the artwork for glass coasters and other products. Miriam sells her products in local gift shops and galleries, as well as online. Miriam is also in the process of launching a new business - Herbal Heroes Skincare.

Miriam came to Cosmic after receiving information from North Devon Plus about the Digital Advantage Programme. She had heard good things about Cosmic and jumped at the opportunity to receive 12 hours of digital support from our digital trainers.

Once Miriam had signed up to the programme, she was able to attend a range of workshops as well as receive one-to-one support. During the one-to-one sessions, Miriam worked closely with our Digital Skills Trainer Silvia, who guided her through a range of topics. Firstly, they began with Instagram and Silvia gave pointers on how to post, how to gain audiences, when to post, what to post to keep clients interested and build her brand story. This gave Miriam lots of ideas and inspiration to make her Instagram more interesting and relatable for her followers. Secondly, Silvia & Miriam worked on reviewing the MizzArtz website. Miriam said it was invaluable to gain Silvia's perspective on the site and pick it apart, find where it could be improved, and question the focus. Having clear guidelines has enable Miriam to streamline her offering and ensure her website is working well.

The support Miriam has received from Cosmic has left her feeling a lot more focused, with the ability to set achievable goals and believe in herself a bit more. The skills and ideas Miriam has learnt through her one-to-one sessions has also influence her launching her new brand, with her having a much better understanding of pre-planning, market research and developing a range that suits her customers’ needs and Miriam feels much more confident that she is starting her new business in the right way with the right product, right positioning and the skills needed to promote her products.

“Having one-to-one sessions tailored to you means that you don't feel silly asking questions, Silvia was really supportive, full of information and really easy to get on with. I have come on leaps and bounds in myself.”

We’re so happy that we’ve supported Miriam and given her the skills and confidence to develop her digital marketing.

The Digital Advantage Programme offers targeted advice and specialist digital support for businesses in Devon.​​

You can find out more about the Programme here.