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Green Website Hosting

Hosting your website with Cosmic is local, friendly and powered by 100% renewable energy.

With great customer service and technical experts on hand, you won’t have to navigate a multi-choice phone system or a complex online order. As a client of ours, you are supported by experienced staff based in our offices in Honiton, East Devon. Our web servers are located in a secure hosting facility connected to one of the main UK internet backbones.

Our hosting includes:

  • An SSL certificate for an added layer of security (https)
  • Daily security updates to keep you protected
  • Access to cPanel (control panel) if needed
  • Servers optimised for WordPress and Drupal content management systems
  • On hand technical support based in Honiton, East Devon
  • PHP, CGI and other scripting support
  • Hosting in a 100% green energy supplied network centre
  • ISO 5001 and ISO 14001 Energy and Environment certified

Our hosting costs:

  • £200 per year for charities, community groups and social enterprises
  • £300 for commercial organisations and individuals
  • £300+ for larger and e-commerce driven websites

We do have a fair usage policy available on request. All prices are minus of VAT. VAT will be added.

Please note, the above costs ONLY refer to hosting. There are other recurring costs applicable to keeping a website live and up to date, including domain name renewal and security updates. The design & development of a website is a differing cost. We can explain all of this to you when you get in touch. 

More Technical Details

All our Servers benefit from:

  • Being fully managed & monitored
  • DNS clustering
  • Hardware redundancy
  • Network redundancy
  • Enterprise hardware
  • Litespeed web servers
  • CloudLinux Jails
  • Solid state hard drives
  • RAID storage
  • SSL SNI compatible
  • ISO9001/ISO27001 accredited

External backups

All servers come with a mounted backup drive which writes to our off-server storage system. This drive is used within the server for nightly cPanel backups of your whole website and emails. These are daily and weekly archives and are stored with monthly archives also.

Fully managed & monitored

Our full management covers everything that comes with the server along with optional features such as caching, extra PHP/Apache modules and much more. We will look after all server administration, updates and maintenance along with monitoring 35+ services 24/7 allowing you to sleep well at night knowing your server is in safe hands!

Spam protection & DNS clustering

All Cloud Servers are configured on our email and DNS clusters taking the resource usage of these services off your server and on to our clusters. This also brings extra redundancy and resiliency to the services.

40Gbps networking

With mirrored storage and storage area networks, the speed of the network can be the bottleneck at other providers using standard 1Gbps networking. We have safeguarded against slow internal networking by using super fast 40Gbps internal networking on all hypervisors and storage nodes along with category 6 shielded network cabling.

Hardware redundancy

A major benefit of our cloud servers is the hardware redundancy whereby if a hardware node should develop a problem, all cloud servers hosted upon it will seamlessly migrate to a different node without any downtime or adverse effects.
Enterprise hardware

We only use enterprise level hardware for our cloud services including SSD drives as standard, dual hex-core CPU’s and 64+ GB RAM in each hypervisor. We are confident that the hardware we are using is the best for the job with no expense spared.
Litespeed Web Server

Litespeed Web Server offers a combination of cutting-edge features, outstanding scalability, best-in-class performance, Apache compatibility and application-level cache acceleration.