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Velocity Somerset - Foundations of Instagram

Date: 13/04/2022 @
Venue: Online Event

Foundations of Instagram

This workshop will cover the basics of everything you would need to know to create and start to run an organisation on Instagram. Social media platforms can be tricky to understand at the beginning, who of your client's are going to be there? What content are they wanting to see? Which hashtags are they using? Am I doing the right thing?

This workshop will give you the basic grounding on this platform and answer all these commonly asked questions.

The session will include -

- A basic overview of Instagram and how it’s algorithm affects what content is seen

- Why you need a business account and how to optimise your profile

- The basic’s on content covering, hashtags, posts, guides, videos and reels to encourage engagement

- The basic’s of which Insights/Analytics you should be watching and why

- A live demo of Instagram

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This workshop is delivered as part of Velocity Somerset - a programme of support for all voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations in Somerset funded by the Government's Community Renewal Fund.