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Velocity Somerset - Everyday Essentials - Word & Excel

Date: 18/07/2022 @
Venue: online event

Everyday Essentials – Word & Excel

Word and Excel are two of the most important applications in the modern workplace. This workshop will teach you the basics of using Word and Excel to support your organisation with creating & editing documents, managing data and keeping records.

You will learn how to:

- Create and save a new document

- Use all the basic text/paragraph/ cell format tools

- Insert an image into a Word document, adjust and position on the page

- Insert a table into a Word document to hold information

- Use spell/gramme check to alter writing as you go

- Understand the term formula and how they are used in Excel

- Create a formula for basic calculations in Excel

This workshop is open to employees or volunteers who would benefit from upskilling in this area.

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This workshop is delivered as part of Velocity Somerset - a programme of support for all voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations in Somerset funded by the Government's Community Renewal Fund.