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Digital Boost Exeter - Introduction to Photography

Date: 25/01/2022 @
Venue: Online Event

Introduction to Photography

This workshop is perfect for complete photography beginners who want to know more about how to make their images interesting and stand out. We will cover various types of photography but this workshop will give you a foundation on the main principles of photography to help improve your images. Useful for those who already own a camera and want to know more about how to use it, or those looking to purchase a camera in the near future.

Learning Objectives

  • Learning how Shutter speed, aperture and ISO work, and how they work together
  • Moving off automatic mode
  • How to better use composition
  • How to use natural light
  • What equipment might be beneficial to you
  • The key benefits and uses of various lenses

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Online meeting details will be emailed to you 48 hours before the workshop.

This workshop is part of the Digital Boost: Exeter programme, funded by Exeter City Council and is only available to businesses within the Exeter City Council area.