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What are infographics and why use them?

18th November 2016

InfographicsInfographics are a mix of design, data and writing. They are made by squishing down lots of data and putting it into a compelling and easy to understand visual element.  They are ideally designed to be ‘share worthy’ in order to make them a successful marketing product for businesses.

Both text and graphics alone have their weaknesses; text relies on the reader’s ability to process and absorb information that is buried within a sea of words and statistics. Graphics and images are easier for many people to absorb however they are not an effective way of communicating complex and abstract concepts. When put together the strengths of both areas can be combined to create an effective and interesting way of communicating.

Why use infographics for marketing?

Compelling and attractive – infographics are a brilliant way of catching your customers attention as people are easily attracted to visual elements. When words fail to capture the imagination of your audiences, images will.

Increase brand awareness – infographics are designed to include relevant information about the business creating them so they usually include the logo, website, email and other necessary information for someone to know exactly who to contact if they are interested in what you are presenting. When shared online, the links are useful as it will drive traffic towards your website as people share and click. It is an effective way of increasing brand awareness and it has been found by some companies who have made infographics for their business to have increased traffic by at least 12%.

Shows an expert understanding of the area – due to the amount of statistics and facts that are poured into infographics in a visually interesting way, it demonstrates your knowledge and expertise within the subject due to the amount of research that was needed to be done for the amount of content provided.

Infographics can go beyond digital marketing – infographics can be printed in brochures and other offline tools such as poster that many business owners use within their marketing campaign.

You can track interactions with your infographics – using analytics, infographics can be monitored. It will inform you every time your infographic has been clicked, viewed, shared and how long users viewed it. This is useful as you can gain an insight into what appeals to your customers so you can create infographics that are more interesting and relevant to the people looking at the ones that have already been created.