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Top tips for appearing more personable through social media

12th April 2017

Top tips for appearing more personable through social media Over time, people have learned to tune out of advertisements and marketing because they are boring, too pushy or don’t connect with them. However, there are multiple different ways you can come across to your audience in a more personable way, creating a look for your business that many people will be able to relate to more.

Why bother making the effort to come across as more personable?

More people now want to be able to connect with a business over social media before even interacting in real life. As social media is becoming the number one way of marketing your business, it is important that you not only tailor your marketing platform to what your clients are on, but also tailor the way you post to be able to relate more to your clients. Many people of all ages want to feel as though they are dealing with a person and not a robot through every step of your business, by doing this and showing the ‘human’ side of your business it is bringing people in and helping them to stay.

These are some examples of what you can do to help seem more personable to your audience.

Show behind the scenes

By taking your clients behind the scenes you are showing them the steps it takes to make your business work. Many people only see the ‘outside’ of a business; no one ever sees what goes on once they leave or who can deal with what. This invites people in to feel much more included in the process. As well, many people now actually find these steps quite fascinating… if you have got a business that could show this through a short video or videos throughout the day it will catch people’s attention, possibly bringing in more clients.

Talk to your audience and not at them

By taking to your audience and asking questions you make them feel as though they are being included and important to you. This will not only help your clients see you as grateful for their ideas but it’s also helping you gather information and ideas in a casual way that doesn’t feel pushed.
Many companies will do this by setting up a survey and ask nicely for votes or after a post just ask about your client’s thoughts and feelings. Many people will see this as a good opportunity to show you their ideas and now have the chance.

Have fun with your audience

Depending on your business try not to hesitate to have a little fun when marketing. Many people will see this as a positive thing and gravitate towards you more because they see the personable side. By using emoji’s, humour, GIFS and some punctuation you seem less intimidating and more inviting, welcoming clients in instead of scaring them off.
Many companies now have started using Snapchat as a fun way to market their business. This is one of the best Apps to use because it is designed for this purpose; everyone knows Snapchat is a way to communicate with your audience in a fun way using filters and captions to keep it light.

Use images, and reviews from previous clients

Mostly all businesses should be doing this already, however there are things you can add to this to help make you seem more ‘human’. By putting a little sentence before sharing the review such as ‘a great review from ________, a wonderful client to work with!’ it shows you value your customers and comes across as friendly to work with. All people want to know that the people they are going to be working with are not only efficient but friendly and nice.

Now you have some suggestions of how to be more personable over your social media platforms, more people should find you more approachable and friendly, hopefully helping you to bring more clients in.