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Top 5 tech for the beach

11th August 2017

KindleSummer is here (even when it rains!) and for those of you that don’t want to leave your gadgets at home – here are the top 5 we think are perfect for the beach. Whether to sit back and relax or add to the fun on a sunny day, there’s sure to be one that grabs your attention. Staycation or vacation, these bits of kit should keep you entertained.

1. Kindle

Increasingly popular, the Kindle is a highly portable mobile electronic device that allows you to read digital books on the go. It’s very useful for those of you that love to read – but can’t decide on which book to take with you. Bring multiple books with you on one device. It doesn’t get much better than relaxing with a ‘book’ under the sun!

2. Eco Extreme 3.5mm Aux Waterproof Portable Speaker Case

Who doesn’t love having their music with them everywhere they go? This portable speaker allows you to bring your music on the kayak, boat and the beach without a care in the world. Water and dust proof, you don’t need to worry about any harm coming to your phone while listening to your favourite tunes. The Eco Extreme is the way to go this summer!

3. GoPro HERO5 Session

Do you like recording your favourite moments and the amazing views you see during the summer? The GoPro Hero makes this so easy to do, being waterproof, it also allows you to capture the amazing waves on your surfboard, views from the kayak and days on the beach. Don’t miss one moment this summer, with the GoPro Hero catching every frame.

4. Red5 Black Sky Drone Plus V2

For those of you that want to remember your summer from every angle, the drone is for you. Explore and see places you can’t reach by foot with this highflying device. The Black Sky Drone Plus allows you to capture the very best aerial photography and video, with wind resistance and obstacle avoidance, making it an easy fly! Great for every age/level, see your summer from a different view.

5. Solar Recharging Kit

Never have the fear of your smart phone running out on a day out at the beach again. This Solar Rechargeable Kit allows you to use the sun and charge your devices on the go. It is a compact size so you don’t need to be worrying about whether it will fit in the beach bag. Take it anywhere and everywhere you go. Don’t let your batteries ruin the day!