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Top 5 Apps for Travelling

12th July 2019

Going on holiday can be the relaxing break you need from your day-to-day life; but travelling can be stressful. We’ve compiled a list of the top five smartphone apps you can use to make your trip a bit easier.


Google Maps – available on IOS and Android – Free

As one of Google’s most popular products, Google Maps is a staple app when it comes to travelling to new areas. Long gone are the days of big, bulky road maps or SatNavs, all you need is a smartphone.

Google maps offers many useful features: from letting you view satellite images, right down to street view. Their ‘Explore Nearby’ feature lets you discover the local attractions. The easily customisable routes mean that you can choose how you want to travel, if you don’t fancy driving, you can see public transport routes and where to walk. When you sign in to your Google account, you can link up Google Maps across all your devices; making sure your favourite spots are easily accessible wherever you need them.





Duolingo – available on IOS and Android – Free and Paid Versions

Duolingo is an educational app for learning new languages. If you have some time to prepare before your trip, why not try and get the basics down? The variety of difficultly levels means there’s something for everyone, and a large range of languages means that you can prepare for any destination. The free version of the app is very extensive, meaning paying for it isn’t a necessity. The playful approach to language learning allows you to relax and focus on learning, and the competitive nature of the leader boards adds some motivation into the mix. This easy-to-use app might just be the boost you need to learn a new language.






Trainline – available on IOS and Android – Free

Trainline is an app that allows you to buy train tickets across the United Kingdom. The simple interface makes journey planning easy, and the introduction of digital tickets means that losing your paper ones are a thing of the past. One of the benefits of this app is the ability to buy tickets on the go; you don’t need to worry about queuing at the station. Trainline lets you check delays and cancellations through the app, meaning you can stay up to date throughout your trip.






Skyscanner – available on IOS and Android – Free

Skyscanner helps you to save money on your holidays. Search for your destination and they’ll find the cheapest flights for you to buy. Skyscanner also allows you to book hotels and car hire, so you can keep all of your holiday planning in the same place. The ‘explore’ option lets you take a look at the attractions and restaurants where you’ll be staying, and the star reviews can help you make an informed decision on where to go.






Packpoint – available on IOS and Android – Free and Paid Versions

Packing the right things can be a pain, and forgetting the essentials is always a worry. Packpoint aims to help with this. You type in your location and activities then let the app curate a packing list with everything you’ll need. The simple list format means you can tick off items as you pack, and the list of essentials means you won’t be forgetting the little items. The paid option gives you more customisation, allowing you to better edit your lists, but the free version is still a good option if you want to stay organised on your trip.




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