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So you think you can't draw?

20th June 2018

ESF and Lottery logoFor all those people who say they aren’t artistic, it might be time for you to get back to the drawing board - the digital drawing board that is.

Here we are referring to the range of apps available on your tablet that allow you to get creative, without worrying about making mistakes or wasting paper.

In this blog, we will review some of the apps that can help bring out your artistic flair.


Apple’s ‘Procreate’ app is one of our highest rated apps as it gives you so much freedom and functionality for a small fee of £9.99. With Procreate, you can draw, sketch, paint and design, even if you have no artistic skills. This powerful tool gives you access to 136 different customisable brushes, which are all adjustable in thickness and opacity. It includes effects such as water, clouds and hair, so you can easily add texture to your designs. You can also layer your artwork and add different effects to finish off your project with a professional touch. With so many functions, it takes time to get to know the app, but we think it is well worth it. Available on iPad.

Doodle ArtDoodle Art

If you prefer a more streamlined experience, this free app is simple and user-friendly. A blank canvas, a palette of colours and simple brush and eraser tool are enough to get started. Again, the brushes can be customised to different sizes and opacities so you can get the look that you desire. Doodle Art also has a fun sticker option where you can add pre-made art, as well as shapes and lines. You can also add your own photos to the app, so you can annotate or paint over them. Available on iPad.

Infinite PainterInfinite Painter

If you are looking for a happy medium between the complex and simple apps, Infinite Painter is a great option. Available on both Android and Apple devices, the app offers a range of different ‘brushes’ including sketch pencils, ink, sprays and watercolour. One of our favourite features is its ability to record your drawings, so you can watch back from the start to the end of your creation. The app is available as a free trial for 7 days and then a cost of about £5 to fully unlock the app.

If you are serious about getting artistic, it is worth investing in a stylus or digital pencil which will help to make your artwork more precise than fumbling fingers. You can find general styluses from as cheap as a couple of pounds, up to high-precision versions at around £20. The ‘Apple Pencil’ works with iPads and iPhones and can be bought for around £100. If you are looking for accuracy and the real ‘feel’ or a pencil, then these are a great choice. However, there are cheaper alternatives, such as the iPad Pen at £30, which may not have the same ‘feel’ but can get the job done.

Let us know which app you find works best for you and whether you prefer finger painting or using a stylus-type pen.