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A profile of Vicky Moss-Crump

28th October 2013

Project-Manager---Vicky-Moss-CrumpwebVicky is the Project Manager here at Cosmic, and she has been with us for just over three months. At Cosmic, Vicky manages the new Digital Apprenticeship project which brought six young people into the organisation.

Like many other staff members, Vicky says that the Cosmic team is her favourite part of working here. She describes the team as “supportive, knowledgeable and fun”. She likes learning new things working here and believes the team has a great passion for what they do. Although, she says certain team members (no names mentioned) have fed her addiction for fizzy drinks!

Every day, Vicky makes sure she keeps on top of her e-mails and is always up to date with what is happening around the business by using the calendar on Outlook – this way she can organise and plan what her duties are for the day and how best to assist the apprentices. Vicky is a well-organised member of the team, and tries not to leave anything to the last minute. When we asked her, she said the thing she always left to last would be adding formulas on Excel! I agree with you on that one Vicky! Vicky loves how she learns something new every day at Cosmic, and that she always feels challenged. Although, the team haven’t quite mastered how Vicky likes her cups of coffee! We asked Vicky to describe a typical Cosmic day:

"Check e-mails, check my events for the day, then check the apprentices calendars, check-in with the apprentices to see if all tasks are going as they should be and offer support, go through my to do list (I love lists and could not function without a to do list), start to work through items on the list."

KayakingWhen she’s not at work, Vicky likes to spend time with her family and friends – she has a six month old baby who keeps her very busy! In addition to this, Vicky is a keen fan of water sports, particularly kayaking! Vicky also enjoys the arts – theatre and going to music concerts are her favourites.

When asked her ‘claim to fame’, Vicky said that she was on Channel 4’s Big Breakfast playing ‘Smash It or Save It’ at the age of ten!

Vicky said if she could rule the world, she would enforce the law that everyone has full equal rights – we couldn’t agree more!

Finally, when asked to tell us an interesting fact about herself, Vicky said she can touch her nose with her tongue.