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Crossing borders

5th February 2019

ESF and Lottery logoHaving to overcome the social stigmas and mental challenges of having no job is a huge challenge but combining that with a disability must feel like taking on Everest.

Throughout our incredible journey on the Positive People project, one of our key focus points has been on the 'soft outcome' - where our aims are to allow individuals afflicted with conditions outside of their own making improve their lives, even just by a little bit, and maybe give them the impetus to take further steps in the future.

On the project we've been very lucky and very proud to work with a great deal of different organisations who have seen the amazing prospect of what the social and digital trainer we offer can deliver. Over the last 6 months we have worked closely with the Stroke Association - a chance meeting at an event in Barnstaple filtered a few participants our way, and we've been able to provide them with bespoke equipment that has made small, but crucial differences to their daily tasks.

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