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Case Study - Torbay Air Show

4th July 2018

ESF and Lottery logo2nd – 3rd June 2018

The Positive People team hosted a gadget show at the Torbay Air Show this year, to engage with the community. Everyone was welcome to come and try out the gadgets and find out about the project.

Cosmic worked with Pluss to deliver this event. Together we spoke to over 60 people over the course of the weekend at the stand. There were lots of children at the air show and we saw many of them coming over to the stand to play with the VR headsets whilst we talked to the parents.

Torbay Air Show

We showed everyone how to use Livescribe where you write in a notepad with a special pen. It has a small camera inside to see where you are writing on the pad, and projects it onto your tablet or iPad. We have found this is particularly useful for college students to have more than one copy or patients with Alzheimer’s as they have a back up to refer to.

I found the other popular gadget on this date was the 3 in 1 lens kit. This has a small clip that attaches to your phone or tablet in which you can take better photos. There are 3 lenses which you can interchange (wide lens, macro lens and fisheye lens). We demonstrated this by taking a close-up photo of the Livescribe notepad paper as it has many tiny dots you can only see zoomed-in.

A young girl who was interested in photography said, “it’s so cool, you can take them in your back pocket and not have to worry about a big bulky camera.”

We also showed her different features on her phone that she can use to take the perfect photo.

The lens kit is available on amazon and other retailers for as little as £5.

On Saturday 2nd June one of our digital specialists and trainers Ben did a live interview with Rivera FM where he spoke about the gadgets, why we were at the Air Show for, and a brief introduction to the Positive People Project.

We are hoping to do a radio drop-in and monthly interview with them, also to get in touch with other radio stations to do a similar activity.

We also saw it as an opportunity to mingle with local businesses to see if we could compliment each other in the future.

It was a beautiful day, so many people attended to see all the aircraft displays along the beach. There was a funfair, bouncy castles for the children and lots of food, drink and merchandise stands. It was lovely to see people from near and far in the community coming together for the event.

From the whole weekend we got 2 referrals which we are very pleased to welcome on board and hope we can support them and help with any skills they wish to build on.

If you would like to get involved or find out more about the Positive People project, please visit our website at  and go the ‘Contact Us’ section.

Positive People offers a lifeline to people who are not in work to help build confidence, skills and give a sense of hope for the future. Positive People is jointly funded by the Big Lottery fund and the European Social Fund.