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Case study – Recovery and Wellbeing Festival

23rd April 2018

ESF and Lottery logoWhen and where was this event?

Saturday 14th April 2018 at Haven banks outdoor centre.

What was the nature of the event?

RaW Festival is a Recovery and Wellbeing Festival about trying new activities, be that Kayaking, paddle boarding mindfulness, or new gadgets. It was designed to bring people from all walks of life together to enjoy a fun day out, connect with like-minded people and find out what services are on offer in their local area. It was developed through a partnership of local organisations and Charities, Cosmic being a core organisation.

What did Positive people do there?

Positive people ran a health and wellbeing gadget show to showcase how technology can be fun, engaging and helpful in everyday life. For Example, we demonstrated an Amazon Echo which has amazing voice recognition capabilities, helpful for people with limited mobility of sight loss. Other gadgets on show were smart scales that can tell you your BMI, hydration and calorie intake amongst other things. Various fitness trackers to monitor your daily exercise and VR headsets that can transport you anywhere in the world.

Was the event a success?

Absolutely! We talked to nearly 40 people on the day and generated 2 referrals onto the project. It was the perfect kind of event to attend as we helped so many people. We have been re-invited back next year and are looking forward to coming back with a bigger and better gadget show.