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Be Your Own Boss; Inspiring Self-Employment

28th February 2019

One of the major initiatives of Positive People has been our Be Your Own Boss self-employment course. In areas of Devon where both skilled and unskilled work is in short supply, small businesses and sole traders make up for much of the local economy, so the gig economy and self-employment makes up for a huge amount of the sector. There are plenty of individuals with great ideas but who aren’t sure or confident enough to transfer their knowledge into a workable business plan, and everything starting up a new enterprise entails.

We offer a 3 day course teaching all the basics involved in starting up a business, with additional support and services available afterwards. It’s an ideal course for anyone who’s toying with the concept of being their own boss (it’s all in the name!) and making their own money. As business is a dry subject in general, our unique training approaches try to make it as entertaining and informative as possible.

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