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6 questions for new team member Lorenz Heil

14th January 2019

Lorenz Heil

Lorenz is one of Cosmic's newest members of staff, so we asked him some questions about himself so you can get to know him a little bit better.

1. What do you do here at Cosmic?

I'm the new Digital Skills Advisor on the Positive People project in the North Devon area.

2. What’s your favourite part about the job, and what are you most excited about doing?

I've previously been working in schools with young students in IT and Digital. I'm really looking forward to developing those skills but now out into the wider community and working with adults who may not have had the chance to use technology before, or who want to be more confident and use Digital to improve their lives at work or home.

3. What do you like most about Cosmic?

The people at Cosmic are really positive and friendly and keen to help, especially to new starters! They also want to help others: the Company ethos is very ethical and community driven to make a real contribution to the World.

4. What is the most interesting thing about you or that you have done?

I drove my first car on track when I was 9 years old at Goodwood, so Motorsport is a real interest and motorcycles are my main passion. I've been to a lot of circuits to watch racing in UK and to Monza in Italy and Le Mans, France. I've also driven at the old Dijon circuit in France and the Spa-Francorchamps track in Belgium. My favourite thing I've done around racing of all so far was at Donington Park, riding a Honda Fireblade 1000 on track at the race school and being instructed how to ride round the circuit by two top World Superbike racers.

I am also a puppy walker for Guide Dogs with my wife, so we look after, house, train and socialise them from 7 weeks to 14 months old, until they go to Basic then Advanced training. I'm very proud that our very first puppy, Barny, a male black labrador, is about to finish advanced training. He's due to be matched with an owner early this year and so will make a real difference to someone's life and give them the mobility and freedom to get around more easily at home and work.

We're now on our second puppy, she's a cross labrador /golden retriever called Mollie who's absolutely gorgeous, bright as a button but a total golden fluffy ball of chaos. Good Guide Dogs need a bit of character to become qualified though and she has that in spades!

5. Are you Apple or Android?

I've had both and was an early adopter of the iPhone and even a Windows phone. These days I'm an Android user, as I prefer the ease of use, the lower cost and customising options of Android.

I'm now on a Samsung Galaxy A7, but I still have the best Apple product ever, my iPod classic 160gb clickwheel with about 7,000 songs from my music library on it. It's a vital driving aid for this job!

6. What are your hobbies or interests?

I am obviously a digital fan as a skills adviser and working for Cosmic but I also really love my analogue vinyl collection which I've never got rid of. With a new turntable, I enjoy playing tunes from 1960's groups and a lot of Motown and rarer Northern Soul sounds.

I love that classic era, with the 1960's as probably my favourite time period for fashion styles and music. I'm very lucky that my family have built up a small collection of 5 classic cars (all British), and a vintage bike or two to enjoy and use when the weather smiles on us in Devon.

Most weekends in the summer season I'm at classic shows somewhere in the West Country. I also organise the motorcycle display as part of the Powderham Castle Historic Vehicle Gathering near Exeter and the Lyn Valley Classic in Lynton, both of which raise a lot of money for local charities.