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6 questions for new team member Jon Keene

7th November 2016

Jon Keene

Jon Keene has recently joined the Cosmic team so we asked him a few questions about himself so you can get to know him a little bit better.

1. What do you do here at Cosmic?

I am a level 1 IT Technician. I act as the first point of call for all of our clients here at Cosmic. I will answer all of their technical queries over the phone.

 2. What is your favourite part of the job/what are you most excited about doing?

I’m looking forward to learning more about our customers and their needs. Working in IT, I know 2 days are never going to be the same which keeps me on my toes researching issues & learning new skills.

 3. What do you like most about Cosmic?

I’d say it was the client base. I like how we support local businesses, schools & charities.

 4. What is the most interesting thing about you or that you have done?

I was in the Devon Hockey squad for two years.

 5. Are you Apple or Android? 

Android. I’ve never actually owned an iPhone but I’ve fixed enough of them over the years to know they are not for me. I also find Apple products are too locked down, I like to be able to have full control and Android gives you that freedom.

 6. What are your hobbies or interests? 

I’ve been playing golf most weekends for the last year. I’m hoping to have my handicap sorted soon. I gave up hockey & football as I was getting tired with injuries & hospital visits. I also really enjoy cooking and keeping up to date with new & emerging technologies. I also use to DJ in clubs in and around the Exeter area for 8 years. I’ve been lucky enough to have supported some big DJ’s & producers in that time such as Shy FX, Netsky & Eats Everything to name a few.