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5 Apps for Checking the Weather

21st February 2020

As a weather obsessed nation, everyone has their favourite app for getting the forecast. Many people like to rely on more than one source of weather information to come to their own conclusions, so here are some more apps to add to your collection:



BBC Weather - Free - iOS and Android

The BBC weather app is a national favourite, with a bright and bold design this app makes checking the weather quick and simple. The app allows you to save locations, provides a 'feels like' temperature that takes wind-chill into account and text-to-speech accessibility options. 






Home and Dry - £2.99 - iOS

Home and Dry focuses on the rain. Using real-time rainfall radar, Home and Dry allows you to pick the perfect moments to dash to the shops. The app shows you a live map of the country, so you can see exactly where the rain is falling. Other features include a lightning strike map, with added thunder sound effects to let you know when lightning is in your area, and a snowfall radar.


 - Free - iOS and Android

YR is a weather forecasting app from the Norwegian Metrological Institute. The data and forecasting for British areas is perfectly accurate, and the graphical display of what the weather will look like (with realistic clouds, rain and lighting conditions) is a really lovely and intuitive touch. 







WeatherPro - £0.79 - iOS

WeatherPro offers a good alternative to the popular Met Office, BBC and Weather Channel apps. There is lots of statistical data, high resolution of forecasting and the atmospheric pressure is actually sensed by the screen sensors on the iPhone. 


 - Free - iOS and Android

Windy is a unique app that offers a very visual and detailed forecast. This free app gives you a large range of features usually limited to 'pro' paid apps only, allowing you to check specific weather information. Along with a large range of weather forecast options, Windy also allows you to see nearby live webcams so you can check for yourself what the weather looks like where you're going.




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