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5 apps for car journeys

15th August 2017

SmartphoneIf you frequently use your car, or you just need some help for a specific trip, then there are plenty of apps that can make your life easier. Take a look at the next five apps in this blog and if any one of these catches your attention, then download it to your phone and give it a go.

1. Waze

Android and iOS compatible.

Waze is a GPS navigation app that is different to its competitors, such as Google and Apple Maps. Waze has an active community of drivers that share information about hazards, accidents, traffic jams, fuel prices and parking spaces - live and up to the minute. This app is the perfect option if you want to avoid unusual driving situations, or if you are navigating an unfamiliar place. It is now available in 45 languages. Watch the video for more info! Free to download.

2. TrackMyTour - Travel Sharing

iOS compatible.

Create your own map and share it with your friends. TrackMyTour allows you and your friends to track your journey’s progress in the map and allows you to add photos and comments as you go. It is a great way to show your friends and your family the places which are worth visiting and share with them stories and information from your trip. Free to download.

3. JustPark Parking

Android and iOS compatible.

Book a parking space where you want, when you want and the time you need. This app lets you reserve your parking spot and avoid the trouble of finding a space. Similar to AirBnB, private individuals can offer their driveways and parking spaces for others to use. JustPark offer a discount of up to 70% from the real parking tariff. Furthermore, If you share your spare parking space for free, you can earn some extra money! The app covers the whole of the country, but is most effective in large cities. Free to download.

4. Liftshare

Android and iOS compatible.

Use the app to find a trip that suits your needs or share your future trip plans with others. This car sharing app is a very good option to help you save money, reduce congestion and make your trips more efficient and environmentally friendly. If you’re looking for a new way to make your journeys to work or to the shops, then take a look at Liftshare. You might even make some new friends! Free to download.

5. CarScanner

Android and iOS compatible.

Find the best car rental deals. This app allows you to find the best options to rent a car, searching over more than 100 companies at once. It works all over the world and allows you to also search for a hotel in the same city that you would like to rent a car in. You can take a look at a list of all the vehicles you can rent here. Should you need to cancel your reservation, the app allows for free cancellation and modifications up to 24 hours before your pickup. Free to download.