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200th client on the Growth Support Programme

2nd May 2018

Our Digital Business Adviser, Matt, has recently reached the newest milestone for the Growth Support Programme: his 200th client.

Matt has worked with a wide range of existing businesses participating in the ERDF Growth Support Programme throughout Devon and Somerset since the start of the project a year ago. This includes providing them with an outside view of their company as well as supporting them afterwards to grow and expand.

Matt supports businesses by diagnosing digital marketing issues and offering practical, on the spot solutions to drive website traffic, increase sales and improve productivity. The support begins with an initial face-to-face meeting, working together to create a development plan and indicate any areas that may need additional support. This could include assessing digital opportunities and a financial understanding along with the option of looking at innovation and marketing within their businesses.

A few words from Matt about the progress of the Growth Support Programme:

“I’ve spent the last 12 months helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to generate more revenue from the Internet and digital technologies. I offer practical advice on how to improve conversion on their websites and drive traffic with SEO, PPC, Content Marketing and Social Media. I also review and recommend digital systems and platforms to improve efficiency and quality of services. The last 12 months has been a real eye opener. I’ve learnt an awful lot from my clients about running successful small businesses and I hope they’ve learnt a lot from me. My objective will always be to provide value to my clients.”

Congratulations to Matt on this new milestone. We have had some great client feedback so far:

“Matt’s session was incredibly helpful and informative, delivered in an approachable way that I could understand. I have had several different sessions of support and this has been by far the most helpful and enjoyable.”

“Matt gave a really practical session relating directly to our website. We went through a variety of checks and analysis on the website and ended up with a series of actions that we could undertake to improve our website. It was done professionally and efficiently, and we got a huge amount of information from Matt.

The fact that Matt focussed solely on our website and the actions we could do to improve it, meant that this was a really useful and productive morning. It was one of the best sessions we’ve had from an ‘external’ person in years. On top of that, Matt sent through a myriad of useful information after the session to support the potential actions. Matt is highly recommended!”

To find out more and to sign up to the programme, visit the website: