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10 SEO myths you need to get rid of

5th December 2016

SEO is a complex creature, and it's often difficult to know what information to trust when researching online as lots of sources can differentiate in their advice.

"Dos and don'ts" are often a useful source of tips for SEO novices, and popular SEO blog OnCrawl has created a handy list of 10 search engine optimisation myths that you need to banish from your resource pile.

seo myths to banish This tips are a great first step to creating your search engine optimisation strategy plan for 2017 - you may also want to take a look at other SEO resources that we have published such as our guide on writing SEO-friendly page titles, useful tools to use for measuring your search engine optimisation success, the definition and explanation of black-hat SEO and how to compare data in Google Analytics, as well as many more.

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