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Digital Inclusion

Cosmic has a mission to overcome digital exclusion by delivering the best IT and digital advice, delivery and support services to businesses, individuals and organisations to reduce the digital divide.

As part of this overall mission we have a key objective to improve digital inclusion – providing IT support for people and organisations who need it the most.

Click here to access our SME/Charity Useful Digital Skills Training Resources page, as developed by Lloyds Banking Group.

Here at Cosmic we are committed to digital inclusion; we are keenly aware of the issues, challenges and barriers that people encounter in and around IT. We aim to encourage and address issues which people, businesses and organisations face, particularly in the rural areas, making sure that they can access good internet, gain good digital skills and help them to improve their lives, businesses and their communities.

Our aim

  1. Capability – to improve individuals and organisations effective use of ICT to develop services, skills and management
  2. Content – to encourage and support the development of effective online content which will provide the essential factors in engaging people and organisations in the use of ICT
  3. Connectivity – to support organisations in the development of effective communication and interaction using a range of digital technologies

Over the years Cosmic has led the way in digital inclusion by developing and delivering projects and services across the south west region which have provided tens of thousands of people with added support, skills and advice to make significant impact in their lives, careers and communities.

Our work

The ‘Orbit’ Space Shuttle: The ‘Orbit’ Space Shuttle was a highly innovative mobile project working across Devon and Somerset providing access to digital technologies and skills in the rural areas, and encouraging organisations in the local communities to embrace digital learning in their plans. During this period we delivered training and support to thousands of individuals in rurally isolated areas of the counties.

Cosmic's Digital Mentor project: For over five years Cosmic has run a team of digital mentors committed to supporting, training and mentoring individuals, businesses and organisations in the rural areas of Devon and Somerset. Providing kitchen-table advice and guidance on a wide range of IT issues has enabled Cosmic to gain a valued and trusted reputation throughout the South West.

The Devon Digital Inclusion project: A variety of training and awareness events across Devon, from one-to-one support to the regional Disability Confidence event in Swindon. The project has benefitted many people across the county including people who are disabled, rurally isolated, young, elderly, vulnerable and need help with their digital world. One of the most successful areas of the project has been showing iPads to people with dementia and helping their families communicate with the elderly people and their memories through looking at pictures and places that they remember. Another project success has been our famous Gadget Show in which we take our plethora of gadgetry out to various locations and offer impartial advice about which device people might need rather than a pressurised sales environment.